The Irresistible Beauty of Terrazzo Tiles in Home Finishing

The Irresistible Beauty of Terrazzo Tiles in Home Finishing

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At this point in the construction industry, no one can undermine the exceptional use of terrazzo that has been proven over several decades. Although, many builders chose to look away at a point in the growth, preferring some terrazzo look-alikes and other flooring materials. It was not long before they realized that the overall value of terrazzo tiles establishes by its high cost-benefit ratio.

Today, it will not be wise to choose other finishing materials and ignore the idea of using terrazzo in construction. And if you are already thinking of asking why, while other materials can beg for replacement within a decade, terrazzo can last for up to four decades of use. If that is not impressive enough, I wonder what is! Moreover, you can apply this material to private residential projects, industrial projects, and commercial spaces. 

It is hard to conclude on a better or higher choice of flooring material that is stronger, bolder, and more valuable. What shall we even say of the meager cost of maintenance, repair, or replacement? How can we ignore its sustainability, flexibility in design, and durability amidst other outstanding benefits? This article will focus on some of the rarest attributes of terrazzo tiles, particularly the aesthetic value and the overall beauty. 

A Composite Work of Art

The first unique attribute of the terrazzo tiles is a composite material containing marble chips, granite, glass, and quartz. These contents are placed inside a cementitious binder while allowing the builder to add a unique design with limitless possibilities. More so, each piece of the terrazzo tiles also comes with slight differences one from another. But it does not deny the company of an exclusive aesthetic experience. 

Even if the design of your structure is not your most treasured attribute, terrazzo tiles can still deliver great attributes. Examples include safety and durability. In addition, it has different size formats that can be used differently for several applications. These applications comprise both residential and commercial places. For example, you will find it in clinics, hospitals, parks, hotels, and other areas where safety is priced. 

The assurance of its safety comes from using an exceptional anti-slip finish perfect for such a flooring material with luster. At the same time, commercial usage of such floors demands a high level of durability and capacity to withstand heavy traffic and high use. Other examples include office buildings, educational institutions, and airports. Having a seal on the polished terrazzo tiles offers protection and maintains a shiny look.

Sustainability and Maintenance

A builder or designer should use terrazzo tiles because of the ease of use and the maintenance frequency required. In addition, terrazzo tiles with proper sealing can also resist any false growth of molds that often destroys the integrity. The seal also makes terrazzo tiles non-porous and easy to remove any superficial stains such as dirt and dust. 

When cleaning terrazzo tiles, there is no need to worry about the use of harsh or concentrated chemicals. Instead, mild soap with warm water in the presence of a pH-neutral solution is enough to cleanse the surface of the tiles and restore their sharpness and shiny quality. More so, there is a growing need to maintain a ‘green’ environment that is safe to the environment. As you gradually learn to keep the tiles safely, replacing or repairing them will cost far less.

The only time the terrazzo tiles can prove costly is the installation costs. But the overall price is worth it when you now factor in the overall cost-benefit ratio. And if you consider that a well-installed terrazzo can last for a lifetime, then it is worth the investment. Terrazzo tiles have numerous reasons why builders should dominate the flooring market in the construction industry. 

How to Choose a Terrazzo Contractor

You decide to use terrazzo tiles for your construction, whether anew or by a renovation that can meet the expectations. Moreover, it can enhance the value of the structures you build using these terrazzo tiles. For instance, if you plan to remodel your living room, you may choose the terrazzo tiles to give you both a look and feel of your tower. 

But this journey begins with finding the right contractor to help you install these unique sets. Moreover, it is more important than choosing the terrazzo tiles because you also need their experience for the best choice. So, how can you actually find the right terrazzo contractor to give you such impressive quality? Visit to read about The Cost-Effect of Terrazzo Tiles.

Start with Preparation

In your plot to find the right contractor to install your terrazzo tiles, you must begin with your personal homework. Some of the pre-hiring considerations to hold in high esteem are the following;

  1. Get a clear idea of what exactly you want your new floor to look like. But you can help yourself by stating the specific concept in your mind. However, note that the space at one’s disposal is a significant factor that determines the extent of your change implementation. Mainly, if you have an existing floor but need a re-designer, there is an approach to that.
  2. Start searching. At times, getting a good person is not as simple as waiting for them to come knocking. You may have to do the searching in the right places. For instance, check out local but excellent local business listings. You may even request some recommendations from friends and associates. You can even try a localized search on Google with specific attributes that you want.
  3. Draw up a list of up to 10 potential contractors with the level of experience with Terrazzo tiles. You can now narrow down your list to the top three choices and do a more thorough check about their background, past client feedback, reviews, and interaction through social networks. You may also consider and sort out this list by the scale of work, estimates, and your budget. Be smart with your payment, and as a rule of thumb, steer clear from contractors that demand the total amount before the job is done. Also, add every non-negotiable part of the contract for your project that involves terrazzo tiles.