Terrazzo Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles, a Comparative Analysis

Terrazzo Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles, a Comparative Analysis

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Italy has contributed significantly to the entire world, especially in Art, architectural designs and buildings have been amazing. The Terrazzo means terrace in Italy. The innovation of Terrazzo Tile is incomplete without mentioning Mosaic Tile. In the mid-century, the Venetian craftsmen will gather the remnant of this mosaic Tile. They were motivated to remold the waste and turn it into something beautiful that we now call Terrazzo Tile. 

The artisans will mix the mosaic remnant with clay to form Terrazzo Tiles for their homes. After the discovery of Terrazzo, its popularity spread so fast and wide. Terrazzo was used in the palace because of its beauty and flexibility. The only predominant way to mix the chunks and stone alongside clay and smooth and grind is by hand.

Later on, cement was available for usage instead of clay, which helped the rigidity of the solidity of the mixture. Based on the durability of the Terrazzo Tile and its elegance, it became the choice of tiles for universities, government offices, and public buildings all over. Private homes and hotels, shops, restaurants, and malls see Terrazzo Tiles fashionable for their flooring.

Ceramic Tile was also found in Egypt in 4000BC. The Ceramic Tile is one of the oldest tiles we’ve had centuries, and it has been used to decorate buildings, both homes, and centers. Ceramics were made from clay and processed into a beautiful and decorative tile. 

Fact about Terrazzo Tiles and Ceramic Tiles 

Both Terrazzo tile and ceramic Tile are made to beautify the house both inside and outside. Also, the two kinds of tiles have existed for a long time. Both Terrazzo and ceramic add some fashion to the homes, but their differences actually determine their acceptance and usage. Both Terrazzo Tile and ceramic are popular for floor and walling. 

Still, there are some questions we will be considering that will unravel the enormous difference between Terrazzo Tiles and Ceramic Tiles. If both are beautiful and decorative, why is the market for Terrazzo Tile higher than that of Ceramic Tile? Why is Terrazzo Tile widely used and ceramic scarcely used? 

Let us consider some apparent differences.

  1. Cost 

Across the globe, Ceramic tiles are widely known that are quietly more affordable and chip. Per square foot is $1.00. This is considerably cheap easy to get, unlike the Terrazzo Tiles that is expensive; the cost is between $10 to $50. Materials involved in making Terrazzo flooring Tiles are more than the materials involved in making ceramic tiles. 

Despite the cost, many people still prefer to go the Terrazzo Tile because it certainly outlasts the ceramic tiles. When things are bought cheaply when damaged, you tend to spend more money on restoration and maintenance. More people prefer to save enough money to buy Terrazzo Tiles that will carry them for years.

  1. Installation 

Terrazzo flooring tile is somehow technical, and it requires an expert to come for the installation. To avoid unevenness and error that can affect the life span of Terrazzo Tiles, the trained craftsmen must install it. This also contributes to the cost and pricing of Terrazzo Tile. Unlike the Ceramic Tile that anyone can virtually do. The installation of ceramic Tiles can adopt a DIY pattern because it is easy.

  1. Durability 

Terrazzo Tiles is widely accepted because it tends to last longer. Some were installed over a hundred years ago that are still looking new till today. Terrazzo flooring is constructed in a way that is even so that crack or discoloration will not be an issue. 

Compared with the Ceramic tile durability. As for Ceramic tiles, the warranty is 25 years, and after that, cracks are inevitable. Most especially when ceramic Tile experiences heavy foot traffic and when a giant object lands on the surface or edges, it shifts and cracks.

  1. Designs 

Designs are one thing that made a massive difference between Terrazzo Flooring Tile and Ceramic tiles. Ceramics tile has many colors and sizes. The available colors help the designer customize the floor to what he wants. But designs are few just because the Tile is made in various sizes and squares. 

But Terrazzo Flooring tile is rich in making and has unlimited designs. Creativity is allowed when it comes to Terrazzo tiles. Both in logo, Art, and pattern are allowed. Designs are one pivotal point: people prefer Terrazzo Flooring tiles over Ceramic Tile. Over the years, designs on some installed Terrazzo are still bright and shining. The beauty of Terrazzo tile is the designs and logo also the Art, but these are not in Ceramic Tiles. 

  1. Maintenance

The maintenance for Ceramics tiles is done efficiently. It requires no purchase of neutral cleaner and sealer; regular dusting and mopping are good for Ceramic Tiles, unlike Terrazzo Flooring tiles that need the neutral cleaner and sealer to maintain the coloration and designs it. Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning is required. The maintenance is low and easy as well.  

  1. Materials 

Another condition determining the difference between Terrazzo Tiles and Ceramic Tiles is the materials they are both made from. Meanwhile, the Tiles’ durability, longevity, cost, and even maintenance hinged on the materials they are made from. Ceramic Tiles are made from clay, earthen minerals, and water. After being mixed together, it can now form into any shape and pattern.

Unlike the Terrazzo Tiles from the combination chips of marble, granite, beautiful stones, glass, and quartz contributed to the beauty and fantastic look and the installation and finishing. These fundamental elements added fashion and Art to Terrazzo Tiles.


This article has widely explained the differences between Terrazzo Floor Tile and ceramic Tile to make d right choice in flooring both the outdoor and the indoor of your house. To choose your Tiles, you must consider some facts from all the various tiles we have today, and the truth is that not every Tile is worth buying. Terrazzo flooring tiles stand out from all other tiles in the world today. You can read about The Irresistible Beauty of Terrazzo Tiles in Home Finishing by clicking here