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Wooden Shed: 7 Interesting Ideas For Installing

Wooden sheds not only offer functional space but they also add aesthetic appeal to your backyard. There are varied ways in which you can use these structures including as playhouses, storage space for outdoor tools as well as for hosting guests in the outdoors. Depending on your reason for building a wooden shed, you will have tons of options from which you can choose.

Main types of wooden sheds

The reasons behind the construction of a wooden shed often fall in the following categories:


If you lack adequate space in your home to store all your goods, a wooden shed provides you with a place in which you can put them. Many people look to these structures to help them hold onto assets that they are not willing to let go of as they think of ways in which they can utilize them. Examples include broken furniture, old toys and other such items that are no longer in use.

Garden Sheds

For people who love gardening, having space in which they can put their tools at the end of the day is essential. You can also use this space as a nursery for plants that are not quite ready to grow in the outdoors. Some people also use it for decorative purposes by having it serve as a focal point which blends in with the garden.


If you are a handyperson who is looking for a space in which you can get to work in peace, a wooden shed will provide you with precisely that.

Other people use these rooms as garages, playrooms and other uses which are of importance to them. It is up to you to choose what works best for you. In this regard, here are seven ways in which you can build a wooden shed.

Log cabin wooden sheds

If you wish to incorporate some rustic charm to your backdoors, here is a great way to go about it. The attractive feature about these structures is that they are not only picturesque, but they also offer tons of functional space. In this way, you can use it for storage, to add some cuteness to your backyard or both. The choice lies with you.

The open concept wooden shed

This kind of structure is open to the front with a door leading to the inside from the side. It looks like a farmhouse and is an attractive feature to have in your backyard. The essence to this shed is to provide you with open space from where you can entertain your guests. A great way to make it pop out, even more, would be to have some wooden furnishings in it. As such, you can use this shed for both entertaining and storage, thus killing two birds with one stone. Owing to its charm, nobody will pass it by, and you will soon have guests streaming into your compound for the delight that lays in wait.

Romantic farmhouse

This shed is in the shape of a farmhouse with additions such as cut-out hearts to its exterior. In this way, it oozes of romantic and rustic feels at the same time, making anyone in sight to fall head over heels in love with the structure. If you are looking for something cozy to help you better entertain your other half, this is an excellent option for you. It is quite admirable, and one cannot help but feel warm inside at first sight.

Storage Shed

If you wish to go back to the basics and are looking for an adorable addition to your backyard that can also house your tools, this is the way to go. It can hold items such as gardening tools all the way to lawnmowers, thus keeping them safe from wear and tear owing to exposure to weather elements. The great thing about this shed is that it will have a positive impact on the beauty of your backyard too.

Tool Shed

This option works for anyone who wishes to keep their tools safe but is short on outdoor space. In this way, you can have a tool shed with several compartments, thus allowing you to organize your items as you wish and enabling you to be more productive in the process. The great thing about this shed is that it is small such that you can place it in any corner of your compound with ease. What’s more, it is a nice addition to the environment, aesthetically speaking.

A backyard barn

Are you in love with barns? Well, you can have a wooden shed in the form of a barn, and this will not only provide you with space to store your items, but it will also add class to your outdoors. You are sure to have people gazing at your barn each time they visit, and it would be a great place to host parties now and then. If you lack adequate space to put up a big one, you can always scale down to a suitable size.

Country garden shed

If you have lots of space to spare and are looking to house many activities under one roof, this option will work great for you. First off, it adds character to your backyard, thus adding beauty to the scene. You can also have tables and chairs outside it to create an area where people can sip on drinks as they catch up. What’s more, it is a conversation piece that will have people talking for a long time to come.


These sheds call for the use of renewable and natural materials which make them environmentally friendly. In this way, you will have a positive impact on the environment. Also, they blend in with nature such that they will not be an eyesore on your property. They are also stable such that they can withstand weather elements over a long period. If you construct them as per the required standards, they will remain weatherproof for generations to come, thus prolonging their functionality.

If you are looking to construct a wooden shed, these ideas will come in handy. Good luck!

Top 5 Tips to Remember for Choosing a Bi-Fold Door

One of the biggest concerns for modern house owners is Space. In such scenario, a bi-fold door is a blessing in disguise. A bi-fold door is a door that slides wide open from the middle instead of swinging open like the normal doors do. The door is made from a series of panels that folds up against the wall. The door is gaining a lot of popularity as it gives great dimension to people seeking stylish and practical solutions to their door.

A variety of bi-fold doors are available in the market. The bi-fold doors commonly available in the market are made of materials such as wood, UPVC, and aluminium. A readymade bi-fold is easy to install and clean. A custom door is a better choice if you want to bring out your taste of personal space and creativity. In bringing out the perfect bi-fold door for your house, there are certain things you need to consider. Now, let us dig deeper to find out some of the things to remember while choosing a bi-fold door.

• The first thing you need to understand is to make sure that you have measured out space accurately. Doing this, you can find the right door to suit the space that is available. Depending upon the space available, you can fix the doors to open inwards or outwards.

• These doors give you the option to be fixed in internal or external rooms. Bi-fold doors are best suited for small space rooms like laundry, kitchen pantry. They are also ideal for any connecting rooms such as dining room, living room and other rooms that open to courtyard or gardens.

• Make sure that your custom door finds the right design that matches the décor of the house. For example, if you have a traditional home, try to find the design and colour that matches. Or if you have a modern home, improvise some modern vibe that can match the style of the house.

• It is important to know your budget. The doors are also available in various range of prices. If any additional cost is well within your budget, you can go for blinds that can give you privacy and shade to the rooms the doors are fitted in. Blinds are also available in a range of colours and style.

• You will need to ensure that the door you choose for your house is up to the latest approved standards having a minimum of five to six lever key cylinders. To make it even more secure, if security is your sole concern, you will have to make sure that the hinges should be strong enough to survive break-in attempts.

The door does the simple mechanism of open the door in a quiet and smooth motion. They are quite likeable for modern house owners as they offer ample amount of space. Not only does it give advantages over other conventional doors but it gives modern creative vibes to your house.

Wooden Garage Interior: Things To Avoid

Installing a wooden garage is an excellent addition to your home, but it can go wrong if the right measures do not get taken. First off, you must understand what you need from the garage such that you get one that fits your requirements. Failure to understand your needs will end up in you investing a lot of money in a garage only for you to spend more money fixing it or getting another one. The interior of your garage matters most as it is where your car will spend a lot of time when you are home and thus must meet given standards to protect your vehicle.

Your garage is not just a room where you store your car to protect it from thieves and weather elements. It is also a part of your home and thus must be a representation of your home in general. In short, its interior, as well as its exterior, must be aesthetically pleasing. To get the perfect wooden garage, here is a list of things you ought to avoid.

Lack of adequate research

Mistakes made when choosing a wooden garage all boil down to a lack of sufficient research. People start looking around for options on the internet or in local shops without thoroughly looking into factors to consider when getting a garage. As such, decisions they make do not reflect their needs, and they end up spending money to make adjustments to their investment, something they could have avoided had they conducted extensive research on their needs and the garages on offer.

There are very many styles and designs on the market. Though this is a good thing such that you do not have to settle for something that you do not like, it often gets confusing and can lead to bad decision making. As such, there are some things that you must take into consideration during your research stage. If you live alone, then this is something that you can undertake on your own. In a case where you will not be the only one using the space, then sit with your family and discuss your needs.

Factors to consider during research

The vehicles

The number and kind of cars you wish to store in the garage should be the first thing that you take into consideration. The last thing that you aspire to do is to get a garage only to realize that the cars cannot fit, thus calling for the need of another room.

Space requirements

Garages are part of the house, and as such, they do more than just housing vehicles. Children use these spaces for other activities such as playing music and practicing their crafts, and you must consider this when settling on a design. The design you choose should also have adequate space to store items used in the maintenance of vehicles.

You must also consider if you want to use the garage for storing things that are no longer in use. Some people also use these spaces to entertain guests, and if you wish to follow this route, then you will need a lot of space. Think of all the things you would like to do in the garage and ensure that the size of the garage can accommodate such activities.

The budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend must come into play. Sometimes people get carried away in the search for a garage that they forget to make considerations on the amount of money they should use. Not having a budget exposes you to overspending and can have detrimental effects on your financial health.

Inadequate lighting

A wooden garage is more aesthetically pleasing when it has adequate lighting. As such, when you fit one lamp in your garage, you leave some places dimly lit, and this can lead to accidents. Someone may be looking for an item in the garage, and they might trip in the dark and land on tools.

Also, look into the kinds of lights that you use as they affect the temperature of the room. Many manufacturers recommend that you use fluorescent lighting in your garage. They use little energy, and they keep the temperatures down.

Little or no ventilation

Many people may not realize how significant ventilation is in a garage. Ensure that your garage has adequate windows which you can open when it gets hot inside. The windows will also add to the amount of light that the interior has, thus making it safe. You can also consider getting an exhaust fan which helps get rid of scents emitted by the vehicle. It is essential that air is in circulation at all times.

Bad electrical fittings

Electricity is very dangerous and must get handled with caution especially in a garage. If you do not pay attention to the wiring and there are open wires or extension cords on the roof, then you are exposing yourself to electrocution. If petrol and electricity get into contact, the results are devastating so keep this in mind when making your installations. The best way to conduct your fittings is by having the wires fitted in the walls as this reduces their exposure.

Inadequate insulation

Your vehicle will be in the garage for extended periods, and thus the environment must be conducive enough to keep it fresh. Also, remember that you will be working in the garage at times and you will require an atmosphere where you can stay for a long time without running hot. People may not give much thought to insulation until the summer comes and they begin regretting their decisions. Save yourself the discomfort and get the insulation done at an early stage.

Not giving thought to the flooring

Before installing a floor, it is essential that you consider the use of the garage to ensure that the floor type you choose is suitable. A coated garage floor is a great idea. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are also easy to clean as this aids in maintaining the hygiene of the garage. Sealing the floor also adds on to the life of the garage and is a great way to enhance durability.

Not taking safety precautions

A garage requires that you have firefighting equipment at hand in case of any incidents. Fires that start at the garage can quickly spread to the house, having devastating effects. Being ready will protect you and your loved ones.

It is easy to get carried away by all the options in the market today. However, failure to consider these requirements will cost you dearly over time. You can work with a checklist to ensure that you leave no stone unturned.

Refined Luxury Ranch Cabin Decor and Furniture

These rustic refined luxury ranch homes in Montana are stylishly designed with elements of Mother Nature. The chic log cabins embrace their rustic natural surroundings creating a holistic and relaxing ambiance. Decorative elements like antique arches in teak woods handmade in the old artisan style and wood paneling made from recycled woods, are used to upgrade cabin style.

Incorporate the natural beauty of Indo Spanish vintage doors studded with iron nails and old world architectural design of the outdoors, into interiors, seamlessly blending huge teak wood veranda gates and solid carved wood columns with rough timber walls and natural wood ceilings, and arched windows. Enjoy rustic sophistication in the secluded mountains of Utah.

The cozy warmth of a log cabin designed with magnificent cusped arches has a very dramatic feel. The plank floors, an Anglo Indian carved wood railing, peeled patina rustic door cabinets lend a vintage sophistication to the entrance, which leads to the living room in the gorgeous Colorado Ranch Cabin. A tribal Indian Manjoosh or kitchen chest with iron cladded door and carved horse heads is enchanting in its earthy red patina. A Buddha bust sits atop with mala beads in amethyst and Lapiz Lazuli reminding you to take some time out for meditation and self improvement.

Using reclaimed woods and natural distressed handmade furniture we are being environmental conscious, opting for recycled materials through out the Idaho lodge. The holistic renovation retained the original logs and also salvaged dying trees on the farm for posts, the wood floors and panelled walls. Rustic and eclectic vintage trunks studded with iron nails and straps gives the grounding element to the living room removing harmful ions and making the energy positive.

The 5,000-square-foot log house on Long Island, New York, features an antique Indian double door with iron horse shoes and an elaborate header carved with fishes and peacocks. The triple arch veranda encases the bay windows, rustic old world architectural design at its best. The hand loom cotton throws are used to upholster the plush sofas. Printed by hand in vegetable dyes they are totally in sync with Nature and have a minimal carbon footprint. Hand Woven cotton textiles are good for Mother Earth, our climate and are all natural. The bathroom vanity is repurposed from a console that is made from salvaged doors. Reclaimed old woods add to the rustic beauty of the decadent cabin, merging luxury with conscious design.