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Advantages of Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Going shopping for hardwood flooring can be a daunting task with so many different woods to choose from. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. One wood that has more advantages than disadvantages is walnut. The only disadvantage is that it is usually higher than others for hardwood flooring are. Using walnut will have a unique appearance, as the grain will be prominently showcased. Although the cost may be higher, it will last longer than other wood. It will also add to the overall value of your home.

Many hardwood floors cannot be mopped even with a damp mop without damaging the wood. The water can seep into the wood, causing mold or rot. With walnut hardwood flooring, it is low maintenance so mopping is an option and it tends to resist mold, water damage, and bug infestations. All of these can harm the wood. If you decide to damp mop the floor, you can do so without needed to treat the hardwood flooring with chemicals that will help to protect the wood from damage such as rot. Walnut hardwood flooring is more resistant from cracking and chipping.

Walnut flooring is also easy to install so this can be a project that the homeowners can do themselves. The walnut planks are generally sold in large quantities with the instructions how to install them included. Once you have a subfloor in place these walnut planks can be easily fitted together to create the entire hardwood floor surface. Damaging the planks is less likely because of the process of treating the wood after harvest and the strength of the planks.

Walnut flooring tends to have a dark appearance but a variation in color can happen. One of the advantages of having a wood with darker grain is it hides dirt better. When the floor starts to accrue dirt or wear it will still appear beautiful. To prevent the buildup of grime and dirt that will eventually damage the wood you can easily clean it. Daily you should try to dust mop the flooring. To make sure that the dust clings to the mop you can lightly spray it with a wood floor cleaner or furniture polish. Make sure that you do not saturate the dust mop with the spray. If your vacuum has a hardwood floor attachment you can use it. If there are any spills, wipe them up immediately.

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing walnut flooring. It is a stable wood and is less susceptible to water and dirt damage, warping and cracking. Yes, it does cost more but in the end you will have an elegant hardwood floor that will add value to your home should you ever sell it.

6 Major Benefits of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the most attractive options for the home. Even though it is more expensive than other forms of flooring, such as linoleum and carpet, it does have plenty of benefits that can overcome the extra cost. Here are six of the positive reasons to use wood flooring:

1) Long-lasting – one of the major reasons to install wood flooring is its ability to last. With minimal care and attention, this type of flooring has the potential to last for decades. The lifespan of other flooring can be much less. For instance, carpet may need to be replaced at five-year intervals because of the everyday wear and tear that leads to holes, stains and general shabbiness.

2) Easy to clean – the wood flooring is easy to clean with a regular light vacuum or simple brush. This is certain to benefit in homes with pets because the dirt and mud walked in from outside by cats and dogs is that much easier to clean up.

3) Very hygienic surface – wood is a very safe and hygienic surface that will not harbor dirt and parasites. Also, it is relatively easy to clean spills or unpleasant odors from pets. Alternative flooring surfaces like carpet is well-known to trap dust, fleas and dust mites, which can have a negative impact on allergy sufferers. In addition, tile and stone floors are just as hygienic as wood, but they don’t have the same feel and warmth offered by the wooden surface.

4) Under floor heating – the solid nature of wood flooring makes it a practical option to have under floor heating installed in the home. This type of heating is very efficient and removes the need to have heating units on show throughout the home.

5) Easy to repair – if the wood flooring ever starts to look tired and worn from everyday use, it is possible to renovate with a simple do-it-yourself sanding and sealing project. A high-quality job has the potential to completely return the flooring back to new. Also, this is a lot more cost efficient than having to replace with new, which is likely to be the standard practice with carpets.

6) Timeless appeal – the appeal of wood flooring has lasted for centuries and continues be just as popular now. Other flooring options like tile patterns, linoleum and carpet can have a style that is certain to lose its appeal over a period of time.

9 Approaches to Put Wood Look Porcelain Tiles to Fabulous Uses

Inkjet printing technology creates realistic wood impressions on porcelain tile backgrounds, affordable, strong and attractive, water resistant too. Achieve the most striking effects of the wood ambiance where you would want it.

1. Arrange the tiles in a colorful pattern around the dining space

Consider the advantages over real old wood! Porcelain will not get scratched. It is a hygienic surrounding with porcelain that will last for ages. Porcelain requires very little maintenance and keeps out water.

2. Feature panels in the living spaces

Install a brand new look around the living room. Feature panels are hot and contemporary. Visually divide the space or create a focal point. Give it an imaginative twist with Wild Wooden Floor Tiles and Totem Wood Floor Tiles.

3. Basket weave effect

A basket weave pattern means so much in the home by charm and status. Create striking floors with single or dual colors.

4. Assemble a variety of colors and designs

An effect of depth comes from joining together several wood recipes within the room, if you fancy that.

5. Creativity without boundaries

Imagination reveals many patterns of inlays. The designs should be appropriate to the home environment. Avoid making it too complex with many patterns. Lay casual borders or bring many shades together.

6. Install feature walls

The wood effect on walls brings back sweet memories of yesteryear and traditions long since gone. The trend will never fade, be it in luxury homes or studio apartments. Superb printing effects make it all possible and you can install the effects of your dreams. Import the ‘wow’ and the ‘aha’ factor right into the home.

7. The parquet effect is back with a bang

The traditional solid wood floor effect is possible as an imitation of the parquet flooring. While authentic heavy wooden floors would cost a great deal and require plenty of care, porcelain presents all the advantages besides the perfect wood patterns. Try out the Parquet Floor Tiles and Timber Wood Floor Tiles for mesmeric effects.

8. An Alfresco world

Getting out into the open garden surrounding with its feeling of freedom is the Alfresco message. Imagine the garden room as an extension of the home. The beach effect and the rustic flavor rule.

9. Go transitional

Combining materials with differing patterns and textures create interesting in-between spaces in the dining and kitchen areas or the entrance hall. Hexagon Floor Tiles and Wild Wooden Floor Tiles are some unique creations.

Necessary Tips for Hardwood Floor Owners

Do you own beautiful hardwood floors? O are you perhaps interested in installing new hardwood flooring soon? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then be sure to learn what you need to know about caring for such a valuable amenity. There are several approaches to cleaning and caring for hardwood, so let’s discuss the most common recommendations when it comes to maintaining long-lasting luster and performance.

Pros and Cons

Hardwood floors are a highly desired feature for any home or property owner. The brilliant shine and endless selection of finishes is enough to attract anyone to installing this type of flooring. It is a more expensive material than standard laminate flooring and look-alikes. And although there is nothing wrong with either of those alternatives, wood flooring has a distinctive appearance that can make any interior decorator drool.

The other downfall to wood floors, other than cost, is the amount of effort it requires to care for them. For anyone in the market for hardwood flooring, don’t be alarmed; there are many ways to keeping your floors looking like new with a few simple rules and tricks.

How to Keep Them Looking Like New

As for homeowners, try to avoid shoes, heavy foot traffic, and animals as much as possible. This is very important for aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, homeowners should use a dry, soft cloth or mop to gently sweep over the surface, every day.

As for a commercial building or business, wood floors will have to be protected in other ways since they experience more foot traffic. For example, protective wax sealants, regular cleaning, and daily sweeping can increase the longevity of luster and shine in its finish.

Be sure furniture has protective rubber stoppers on legs, or a rug underneath. This prevents excessive friction from furniture legs and reduces the likelihood of scratches and scuff marks. Also, use proper cleaning solutions when using soap or sanitizer. Its sensitivity and any wax coating can be jeopardized if a harsh chemical solution or soap is used. Be sure to buy solutions specifically manufactured for hardwood. This ensures you are not stripping any protective sealant or fading custom finishes.

Hardwood Floor Replacement

Wood floors can last for a very long time with good upkeep and maintenance; however, at some point they will need to be replaced. Hardwood floor replacement is an intelligent investment that can both increase your property value and instantly boost your interior appeal. When this time comes, be sure you choose a licensed general contractor who specializes in hardwood flooring. They will have the proper training and resources needed to provide professional guidance, qualified service, and outstanding results.

Marble Granite Quartz Tiles Slabs

Marble has been utilized to make exquisite floors for a large number of years, and its modern great looks keep on making it famous today. In spite of the fact that marble broadly originates from Italy, there are several kinds of marble from quarries everywhere throughout the world, each with its own extraordinary identity.

Marble flooring comes in tiles of different shapes, from huge rectangles to littler mosaics. It is a delicate stone that turns into a solid material once introduced and it is utilized the whole way across the globe for floors, dividers, showers, countertops, backsplashes and even in furniture things like coffee and dining tables.

Marble floor tiles have a beat appearance. Their lofty appearance can quickly hoist the look and feel of room. It is available in a huge variety of colors and shades. Marble floors are the best characteristic stone floors and most popular with the property holders, they are additionally very costly.


Marble is a decent material. It has sensitive look, and likewise it is especially well known with stone laborers especially. Diverse points of interest and spots have been fabricated using this stones. Antecedents made splendid designing which today has ended up being building inheritance. The best case among the auxiliary heritage is the Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Marble is a standout amongst other warmth resistance stone among all the common stones. This additionally guarantees the uniform temperature inside the home.

Marble flooring is to a great degree strong, and it can unquestionably realize a decent measure of progress in your home. Being amazingly solid, it can withstand any kind of outside weight, and any sudden difference in weight can without much of a stretch be taken care of by this material.

Marble being impenetrability to flame makes it ideal for home and office development. In the event that there ought to be an event of any fire mishap in the home, marble ensures less mischief.

Marble is strong and simple to clean:

In case you’re searching for a story that looks overlaid and clean without putting much exertion into upkeep, marble ground surface might be for you. Homebuyers are frequently amazed at the facilitate the care and upkeep of owning a marble floor. Marble floors are a breeze to clean, and on the off chance that they are cleaned accurately won’t hold recolors or scratches, making it a favored ground surface choice for open structures, for example, libraries and government structures.

Why Natural Floors Are Better Than Concrete Floor?

All types of natural stones tiles – including marble, travertine, limestone, slate, quartzite and granite – are quite a popular material for floors and walls all over the world. Despite all that prise for stones, the universal acceptance of concrete floors cannot be overlooked.

Concrete Floor –

Something cold, unattractive, rough, or the floor of some factory appears in our mind when we think of concrete floors. However, concrete is not just about that. In the following, we have a look at some of the biggest attractions of having concrete floors –

Durability – In comparison to natural stone floors, the concrete are less durable. But, when constructed properly, using the best materials and mortar mixture, concrete floors live more than many components of a building.

Easy to Place – Laying a floor with natural stones is a real hard work. First you have to find a dependable tile shop and supplier, then you have ensue safe and timely delivery of stones on your site, and get the stones cut and installed on your floors. If you go with concrete floor, you just have to get the job done by an expert floor installer. Your building contractor can also do this job.

Some of the other plus sides of concrete floors are: solidity, moisture resistance, and low cost of construction and maintenance.

Natural Stone Floors –

Floors made from natural stone tiles have a class. Not only are they beautiful, but also highly durable and almost unbreakable (some stone tiles can crack and chip). Stone floors can be seen in residential as well as commercial properties. Given below are few of the biggest advantages of these floors –

Elegance – Stones have natural patterns and are available in many natural colors and shades. They simply add elegance and sophistication to any room, no matter large or small. Additionally, their elegance is charmless. Meaning once installed properly, they remain as it is for years. In a simple dark room, these floors are the artwork.

Hard Wearing – Natural stones are strong and durable as they are cut from rocks and processed into convenient shapes of a tile. They hold the natural sturdiness and long-lasting nature of the rock. These floors are very durable and strong.

Installing natural stone tiles increase the value of your property. In addition to that, if you are looking for some unique styling for your home, these floors are best option you have. Each stone is unique in color, shade and pattern. Natural stone floors are low on maintenance.

Out of many options available for flooring, stone tiles stand as the best choice for any property. However, while buying, you will need to ensure that you are getting your supplies from a trusted distributor/seller. And after buying, you will need to ensure that you are getting the installation done by an experienced installer.

Do You Fancy the Amazing Acazia Ceramic Tile Collection?

While everybody loves wood interiors on floors and walls, they are not easy to maintain and prone to the problems of moisture and insects, scratches and spills. Manufactured wood may be available and it is not a good idea to destroy forests further. Why not install realistic wood surfaces made possible through inkjet printing on ceramic tiles? Ceramics are full of advantages, like durability and easy maintenance, cost effectiveness and elegant beauty. Surround the interiors with the wood of your dreams.

Acazia Ceramic Tile Collection
Choose from four smart varieties with linear veining just like wood surfaces. Wood looks were never better, though the pattern is common enough, along with stone, cement and fabric imitation surfaces. The 6″X36″ planks are easily installed and the delicate matte finishing indicates a muted beauty. Use them on countertops and floors and walls with no worries about water and dampness. Constructions, renovations and extensions, residences and commercial, here is a vision of beauty.

Plan dynamic interiors with a variety of tile surfaces
The sameness on the walls and floors often makes daily life drab and uninteresting. An immense variety of tile materials, colors and blends of stone, porcelains, metals and glass being available, each wall and floor could get a new dress. Partly of the wood look tile, decide upon a pattern of tile decorations with borders and accent walls. Entrances could be particularly dramatic while the less visited parts of the home or business could install cheaper tile materials. Choose one or two Acazia Ceramic Tile varieties and arrange them in a design, perhaps with other tile materials, matching colors and patterns.

Acazia Blackwood
An outstanding wood look on ceramic, the deep gray surface is very attractive indeed. The linear veins do give you something to ponder on the mysteries of nature, reminding of the depths of forests.

Acazia Excelsa
Another visual treat, it contains a delicate gray background. Floating around are the ribbons of greige, beige and darker gray. Experience the outdoor sparkle and a visual delight.

Acazia Koa
Build an elegant floor with character with this variety that blends light and dark browns. The extended bands of veining give it a robust feel.

Acazia Mangium
Also suitable for floors with depth, this variety has a blend of brown shades. The veins are gentle and dark, suitable for combining with any sort of decor and furniture.

Explore more to get the best decor for your sweet home.

Install Durable Porcelain Tiles That Look Exactly Like Dainty Natural Stone

While people would say that an imitation is a cheaper compromise, porcelain tiles that look like stone bring home many advantages. The robustness and ease of caring for porcelain and the affordable prices are not all. Porcelain does not get scratched and stained. It is light weight and easy to install besides keeping out wetness. Inkjet printing technology made it all possible with a great variety of realistic surfaces like fabric, cement and metal being available. Create awesome fancy designs with porcelain tiles.

Pearl Pietra 2×4 Porcelain
One of those inkjet technology wonders, you get ultra fine resolution and each tile looks different. The surface does not fade either and the pretty looks would endure for many long years. Use them on the floors of residences and in light commercial applications.

Statuario Pietra 2×4 Porcelain
Be convinced that authentic marble surfaces are really reproduced in all their glory! A delicate white background and scattered gray veining bring the truth of the accomplished Italian marble. Why not install it on the kitchen backsplash where everyone would get a closer view?

Grigio Onyx Porcelain
If you insist upon the genuine marble or travertine, go for it. They are costly and hard to maintain. In the bathroom, porcelain tiles with waterproof features would do fine. Gray, white and gold shades combine with an outstanding matte effect. Get them in several sizes for easy designing.

Bianco Aria Porcelain
Porcelain tiles with the marble looks are not as uniform as you think. Advanced technology prints a variety of designs and changes with every 30 tiles of 12X12 size! An impression of splendid variety is created when they have been installed, just like natural marble.

Beige Travertino Porcelain
If you want to cover a large floor area with real travertine, that is going to be quite costly. Porcelain tiles bring you the same effect at much reduced expense with all the advantages. Rain and snow, mud and pets are no problem and the entry way is strong. Keeping out water, who would think that inexpensive porcelains would have so many advantages?

Everybody loves the infinite varieties of natural stone like onyx and slate. Yet, they cannot be installed in every situation due to several reasons. Porcelain tiles would be an excellent substitute and bring great happiness with a variety of printed patterns that are strong enough to last for years. Compare porcelains and ceramics too.

Choose the ones that best suit the budget and fancies.