With Which Instrument the Bookmakers Make the Share of a Sports Bet

Surely you will have repeatedly wondered how bookmakers build the share of a sports bet on betting sites that is then visible on their website or in an agency ready to be played.Many of you surely think that bookmakers have very complex software at their disposal with algorithms that are able to take into account historical results, state of form, training etc. Nothing could be more wrong!The bookmakers in recent years no longer use software but take the reference quota directly from the Betfair Betting Exchange and the latter is modified by the quotator who lowers the value taking into account the ease, the state of form of the team and its experience .The quota of an event cannot deviate much from that of Betfair, otherwise it would leave room for those who make sure bets, a practice absolutely not appreciated by bookmakers.So as we can now see the odds are quite similar to each other, and in some situations they are more attractive to gather more customers and to differentiate themselves from a competitor.As it was logical to expect the absolute reference of the bookmakers has become the Betting Exchange and therefore for them it no longer makes sense to spend money to have software that “build” their own quota, when then the absolute reference is Betfair.The bookmakers during the prematch follow the trend of the odds (some very fast, others not) of the exchange and are ready to correct them based on the course of the bets. Another reference for the odds to keep in mind is definitely Pinnacle, the must of Asian bookmakers who give the odds trend and where the biggest bets arrive.The bookmakers, when anomalous flows or big plays arrive, vary the odds and put the bet on hold to decide whether to do it all or in part.A tool that we often recommend is Betpractice because it builds the quota only on historical results and in a “static” way in order to have a reference that so often differs from those of the bookmakers that as we know not only “infallible” would otherwise win always the favorites, which doesn’t happen often …We advise everyone to read the articles we have done on the use of Betpractice using the following tag in order to understand the logic of operation and why it allows us to make a difference in predictions and above all in strategies.